The Adventure Travelers among us all have opinions about motorcycle luggage. Now is the time, friends, to gather up all your complaints about whatever soft luggage you have ever used, and put them up against Wolfman’s completely redesigned line of motorcycle luggage to see if they’ve addressed all or some of those gripes. Heck, the winter gift-giving holidays are almost upon us, so now might be the time to put something like this on your wish list.

Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage has been selling bags for your dirt bikes, dual sports, and adventure bikes for almost two decades now. It is not the most economical choice available, but as the saying goes, “buy quality, cry once.” The main complaint most of us have about soft motorcycle luggage vs. hard luggage is rain. Soft luggage is kind of a pain because it usually isn’t waterproof, and pulling over on the road to put the rain covers on your luggage can be a drag. Wolfman’s 2020 collection of luggage claims to address that huge complaint head-on.

Wolfman purports that their new line of luggage features “RF-welded seams [that] are waterproof, very robust, durable, and ideal for use in harshest of conditions.” RF-welding is “radio frequency” welding, and it’s used to seal sheets of polar thermoplastic together. The “radio frequency” works like an extremely precise, tuneable microwave: those frequencies are emitted by metal dies in contact with the plastic. The seams created have the benefit of bonding on a molecular level. The radio waves align the plastic’s polar (that is, positive on one side and negative on the other) molecules while bringing the plastic to the exact correct temperature to seal.

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This is very cool technology, but as we all know, water is sneaky and will get in anywhere. The most robust seams in the world won’t matter if rain gets in through the zippers. The pictures of this all-new luggage show a zipper around the sides of the tank bag, so the opening does not point up and is less likely to collect water that way. The saddlebags seem to have roll-tops which completely cover the opening, like drybags, and will not let water in. If we all remember to mount the bags well away from our hot exhaust pipes, these may be the waterproof soft luggage holy grail!

Source: Wolfman

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Wolfman Luggage has NEW 2020 ARRIVALS!

Longmont, CO—Wolfman Luggage is pleased to announce new arrivals for 2020! We have proudly revised, modernized and refreshed our entire line! Yep, our entire line is NEW!

We will be launching our invigorated luggage line at the November 22-24, 2019 IMS Long Beach show next week.

Starting with a blank slate can be a daunting undertaking, but Eric immediately connected his aesthetic vision, production knowledge, and product design with the latest Radio Frequency (RF)-welding technologies available. His vision was to continue the Wolfman DNA and create a product line that will be at the forefront of motorcycle luggage. As he had grown tired of liners plus rain covers to achieve waterproof sewn luggage, the RF-welded seams are waterproof, very robust, durable, and ideal for use in harshest of conditions. Utilizing all of his design and production prowess, the Wolman 2020 line gives the rider a consistent watertight seal and our signature Wolfman silhouettes. We even refreshed our logo with a reflective yellow Wolf on every bag!

Founded in 1992, Wolfman, a family-owned-and-operated company, is a world leader in motorcycle soft luggage; specializing in Adventure, Dual Sport, and Dirt bikes. Our legendary luggage is now 100% waterproof, made of the highest quality materials and manufacturing. Eric, the owner, designs and relentlessly tests each piece of Wolfman luggage. Our innovative designs and versatility allow each rider to configure the luggage to their needs. Front to back Wolfman has you covered from weekends to around the world.

For the latest information check out our website for details on each of these 100% waterproof, RF-welded next-gen designs for 2020 (available late winter)! Reach us at Wolfman Luggage at or call 303-651-6022/800-535-8131 or email

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