The more things change...

Vespas come in so many colors that, no matter what your favorite color is, you can probably find at least one scooter that suits your vision. That is, in part, what Vespa is about—and now, the brand is adding one more set of graphics to its stable that are sure to turn some heads. Were you just not crazy about all those chrome accents? How do you feel about gold and matte black instead? 

Vespa Racing Sixties graphics will be available on Vespa Sprint and GTS models, so you can pick your 50, 150, or 300cc steed with ease. You can choose from yellow graphics on matte green, or red graphics on what looks like a somewhat matte white, in keeping with the graphics package theme. Both come with gold metallic wheel rims. You also get several matte black accents with either graphic: passenger grab handle and footrests, exhaust cover, front and rear light setting, side mirrors, all around the instrument cluster, and finishing (or starting, depending on your POV) with the crest on the front mudguard. 

Gallery: Vespa Racing Sixties

There’s also a brand new seat that’s covered in nubuck, but then coated with PVC to protect it from the weather. It also features “artisan-style stitching” according to Piaggio, to help realize that ‘60s European sportscar aesthetic. Badge? Of course you get a special badge. 

It’s always hard to say exactly how any color scheme is going to hit you from studio photos alone. Many times, they look different when you get the chance to see them in person. The color schemes sounded fine to me in theory, but I was skeptical about how the gold rims would look. 

As you can see in the gallery above, they look quite nice, and suit these new graphics well—especially on the matte green and yellow one. I’m also quite fond of the matte black bits in place of all the chrome, and think it works well to herald that this is a tribute to those halcyon race days, but at the same time, is also completely modern. I’m not sure whether you’ll get much feel out of a “soft, velvety nubuck” saddle with that PVC coating, but that’s something you can only experience by sitting on one. 

Source: Vespa

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