How do you feel about a flock of baby Triumphs?

The “smallest” Triumphs currently available in the British lineup are the Triples and the Daytona with their 765cc three-pot engine. The 765 might not remain alone in the mid-range lineup for much longer, however. In fact, it looks like the manufacturer has every intention of sharing the fruits of its partnership with Bajaj with us. 

Triumph isn’t the first Western company to pair up with an Asian counterpart to join forces in the development and production of small-displacement motorcycles—something Asian manufacturers know a thing or ten about. The Triumph and Bajaj was one of the earliest ones to be announced, back in 2017. 

Despite all the talking, promises, and camaraderie, people from both firms have yet to sign their names on the dotted line—something that should take place in the upcoming months. The lack of any formal documents confirming their partnership hasn’t kept the two manufacturers from starting a list of all the great things they wish to accomplish. 

The models resulting from these business agreements are usually destined to develop the booming Asian motorcycle market; there’s seldom talk of exporting them to the U.S. We can speculate and hope for them to come our way but few companies step forward and confirm it as a sure thing. For Triumph and Bajaj, however, exports are part of the master plan.

As reported by Indian Autos Blog, the Bajaj Auto Managing Director took the launch of the brand's first electric scooter as an opportunity to discuss the partnership. In fact, Rajiv Bajaj told the press that Bajaj and Triumph will develop new 400 to 800cc models and that these motorcycles will be exported to Europe and to the United States. 

Rajiv Bajaj explained that in 2018, the company exported 40% of its production, or 2 million vehicles out of the 5 million it produced. With such important numbers, it’s no surprise that even with the upcoming Bajaj-Triumph models, selling abroad is part of the strategy. 

We can’t help but picture a Bonneville 400, or even a baby Thruxton. Now, neither can you. 

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