Do you have a Honda or KTM adventure bike? Have you ever wished it had more off-road capability? Perhaps even all-wheel drive? If you have, do we have something to show you? On-demand all-wheel drive for your motorcycle is cheaper than you think, and it doesn’t require any serious wrenching skills. The Christini AWD kit replaces the front fork and other parts to send power to the front wheel for better grip and handling.

The best part about the kit is that it’s all bolt-on. This means that you won’t have to make any modifications to the frame or fuel tank. Christini’s setup comes with everything needed to power the front wheel, including a modified frame, billet axle clamps, a new fuel tank, a complete AWD system, an engagement switch, and a radiator.

The kits are currently only available for a few 2005-2012 KTM and Honda models, but the under-$4,000 price tag could be appealing if you own one of those bikes. On Reddit, users speculate that the company is working on a BMW kit. Owner Steve Christini says otherwise, noting that the development of AWD kits takes quite a bit of effort from the manufacturer. He said that the KTM kits were a joint effort and the bike maker really stepped up to make AWD happen for its bikes.

If converting your own bike doesn’t sound appealing, Christini offers fully built motorcycles and bicycles for sale. Several are under $10,000 and all are AWD. The benefit here is that the company offers a six-month limited warranty on the engine and a one-year warranty on the AWD system itself.

There are quite a few obvious benefits to having two driven wheels on a bike instead of just one. First, it’s a lot harder to get stuck in soft terrain when both wheels are pulling. Next, climbing steep trails is much safer with the front wheel pulling its weight. Finally, all-wheel drive considerably improves handling, preventing the front wheel from sliding out under heavy cornering. The military likes the tech so much that in 2016 the Air Force contracted Christini to build a special edition of its AWD motorcycle to provide a safer bike for riders of all skill levels.

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