Kawasaki keeps churning the rumor mill ahead of the launch of its new Z H2 model. The company just released a new video to promote the release of the new motorcycle, but it gives away very little about what the bike will actually be.

This is the third teaser for the new Z, which will make its debut on October 23 to coincide with the start of the Tokyo Motor Show. The upcoming supercharged naked makes a very brief appearance in the video, which itself clocks in at just 16 seconds. This latest teaser at least gives us a full side view of the new bike and shows some of the Kawasaki’s proportions. The company dropped a heady description to accompany the video, saying “October 23 will be a landmark day in the history of the Kawasaki Z family. Everything preceding will be consigned to the past and a new dramatic Z will herald an eagerly anticipated dawn in the hard-fought super naked category.”

The Z H2 is expected to sport an aggressive new design, aligning it more closely with the brand’s Ninja bikes. As we saw in previous teasers, there will be two headlamps with a sharply-styled front area to house them. The H2 engine will likely port over unchanged from the Ninja, meaning the new Z will see a 998cc inline-four with a supercharger strapped on. The current top-dog Z900 is powered by a naturally aspirated 948cc four-cylinder that produces 123 horsepower, well short of the H2 engine’s 197 ponies. This could be an indication that the new Z will slot into the Kawasaki lineup above the existing Z900 instead of replacing it.

The H2 engine and the Ninja bikes powered by it all benefit from Kawasaki’s investment in developing and building their own superchargers over the years. Costs of H2-toting motorcycles have gotten slightly more reasonable in recent times, but the Ninja H2 can still cost up to $55,000 in its range-topping H2 R format. There’s no word on what Kawasaki will charge for the new Z, but we can be nearly certain it’ll land well above the Z900’s $8,399 MSRP.

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