Rental company Hertz is looking to make motorcycle rentals more mainstream make people want to travel by bike. After a successful launch in Europe, the Hertz Ride program is heading over to North America, starting with two locations. 

If you’re looking to travel to Las Vegas or Los Angeles and would like to explore the area on a bike, you will now be able do so without organizing for your bike and your gear to meet you there. All you will have to do is hit the Hertz counter and they’ll hook you up with everything you need. 

Hertz announced it is launching its new Hertz Ride program in the US. This allows riders to get their hands on any motorcycles they like, provided the motorcycle they like is a BMW, as well as the full getup, thanks to a partnership with REV’IT and Nexx. 

The collection of adventure and sport-touring Beemers which includes F 750 GS, R 1250 GS,  R 1250 RT, R nineT, and K 1600 are fully equipped with panniers, top case, keyless ignition, and crash bars. Other equipments available for rental include GPS and comm systems. 

Also available for booking is a selection of guided tours and adventures called “Tours of a Lifetime”. These rides are the shortcuts to some of the coolest things and hotspots to check out in the selected area. The tours include the motorcycle rental as well as roadside assistance, luggage transportation, breakfasts and dinners, and accommodations. 

There are obviously conditions such as being over 21, having a full motorcycle license and having over three years of experience riding the same size of vehicle you are looking to rent (not sure how they verify that).

The program was already successfully introduced in Portugal, France, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, and Italy—if ever you want to explore a few twisties abroad. You will now be able to do some canyon carving and mountain knitting in some of the most beautiful landscapes the US has to offer. You won’t have to worry about the logistics of getting your bike or your gear there, Hertz Ride has got you covered.

Source: Hertz Ride

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