Chances are great that if you’re the rider KTM’s new SX-E 5 is aimed at, you probably aren’t the one making the big purchasing decisions in your house. That’s OK; just go get a responsible adult and tell them to read this article. On the other hand, if you are a responsible adult who’s trying to get a kid you care about into riding, you’ll want to know all about KTM’s new electric junior minicycle. 

One thing that’s rough about being a kid is that you’re constantly growing—and outgrowing everything, even stuff you really like. KTM understands this, and has built its SX-E 5 so that its ergonomics can be adjusted as the junior rider grows. It’s aimed at riders aged three to ten, and comes with fully adjustable ride height. Additionally, you can easily lower it with the KTM PowerParts lowering kit to really dial it in for the most junior of junior riders.

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KTM proudly announces that the SX-E 5 has undergone the same development process as the bigger SX bikes, and features the WP XACT 35 air fork technology and WP XACT shock absorber as seen on the SX, as well as disc brakes. You’ll still need to lubricate the chain as needed, but maintenance concerns are minimal, according to KTM. 

The SX-E 5 features six different power modes, and “comparable power output to the KTM 50 SX.” Stepping up through the different power modes to reach full power can help a junior rider eventually move up to bigger bikes. Obviously, KTM hopes those bikes will be other KTM machines, but in any case, this could be a great tool for training younger riders from an early age.

No announcements about the release of this bike have yet been made for the US, but we’ll keep you updated if and when they happen. Could this be the electric minicycle the kids in your life have been waiting for? It could be, if it comes here.

Source: KTM

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