Something Z this way comes.

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 family are some of the most ludicrous production bikes available out there. The H2 moniker has gained its rightful place at the top of the list of the craziest sportbikes, on par with some of the most legendary names in speed such as Hayabusa, R1, and 1098. It seems like Kawasaki is now looking to expand its H2 lineup and this time, things could get naked. 

In a video teaser launched on September 16, Kawasaki hinted at a newcomer in its streetfighter lineup. The short video shows the now well-known Z logo superimposed to the animation of supercharger fan. Kawasaki is no stranger to superchargers—guess what other bike uses one? The H2, of course. 

Even though the video gives us very little to work with, we have enough information to suppose that the Green Team plans on grafting its one-liter on steroids into the body of what would seemingly be an entirely new bike. The Z line currently stops at 900

We're supposing here that the same (or a similar) 998cc inline-four as the Ninja, which would likely mean the creation of a "Z1000". Now, where exactly the bike will fit in the Z lineup (aside from the top) will remain the be seen. By that, I’m questioning whether Kawasaki will keep the 900 and add the 1000 on top or if the new H2 will replace the 900. Considering how small the Z family is compared, say, to the Ninja’s, I think the new Z would be an addition rather than a replacement. 

As for the chassis, we could suppose Kawasaki will borrow from the existing H2 (like it did for the Ninja 400 and the Z400) or it could use the existing Z900 frame already optimized for an inline-four engine (the design is only two years old at this point). Or maybe because performance is at stake, a new Z-H2 will deserve its own customized chassis to optimize the aerodynamics in the absence of a fairing. 

Kawasaki hasn’t confirmed a date for the official debut yet, but with the series of shows coming up over the next two months, starting with AIMExpo, I suspect we’ll see the new Z-H2 sooner rather than later.