It’s nearly impossible to calculate how important Steve McQueen was to motorcycling. Sure, he was a widely revered and admired actor, but he was also a bike guy through and through. We could spend ages talking about how he raced under a pseudonym to avoid causing trouble with his Hollywood commitments, just because he loved it so much.

We could also talk about how he wasn’t just racing for vanity, and that he was incredibly talented at it—but due to his rigorous movie star duties, could not accrue enough points for an expert license. Bud Ekins even told the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, “He always raced as an amateur, but that was crazy since he usually finished ahead of the other amateurs and most of the experts."

The man owned over 100 bikes in his lifetime, so there’s an awful lot of cool to go around. Here are just five of them. 

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