In a time where we routinely throw superlatives around like confetti, it can seem like everything is the greatest, most awesome, craziest, or most amazing thing we’ve ever seen. You could be forgiven for thinking that this is just another one of those times, too—because at first glance, this just kind of looks like a dude racing a quad. “Big deal,” I hear you thinking. “What does this have to do with motorcycles?” 

Plenty, when you learn that Quadzilla is powered by a 2001 GSX-R1000 engine, and is basically the most delightful Frankenstein’s monster of a quad you might well ever see. Handcrafted for eminently experienced and talented racer Ian Ffitch by 2 Way Industries, it was originally intended to tackle New Zealand’s Race to the Sky annual hill climb event. 

Ffitch, a native Kiwi, is well known in his home country’s racing community.. Over his career, he’s won almost 40 national titles, according to his official Leadfoot Festival bio. He’s been competing with Quadzilla in various events since 2002. 

Using the frame from a 1990s Suzuki LT500R 2-stroke quad, 2 Way Industries ended up only retaining about 20 percent of the original frame. In all, the company estimates that only around 10 percent of the bike is original, with everything else having been hand-built from the ground up. It puts out a claimed 140 horsepower at the rear wheel, and can achieve a top speed of over 230km/h (around 143mph). 

When he wants to be official about nomenclature, this absolute unit is known as a 2002 BRM 1000 Superquad LT500R/GSXR1000. I think we all feel more comfortable just calling it ‘Quadzilla,’ though—it seems to be a title this beast has rightfully earned. 

I’m afraid that does leave one pertinent question unanswered, though. If this is Quadzilla, what on earth does Mechaquadzilla look like? Also, should I be terrified to even ask? Perhaps some things are better left unknown.

Sources: YouTube, Leadfoot Festival

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