If you're a member, you can ship your bike for less!

Are you a member of the American Motorcyclist Association? If you are, and you have reason to ship one or more bikes for any reason, you’re in luck. The AMA just announced that California-based company Motorcycle Shippers is now a ‘member benefit partner.’ What that means is simple: If you’re an AMA member, you can get a discount when you use Motorcycle Shippers to send your bikes anywhere. 

Shipping a bike—whether it’s one you already own, or one you’re purchasing from someone across the country and having shipped to you—can be extremely anxiety-inducing. What if something happens, and your precious baby gets irreparably damaged? What if it’s a rare bike, and you can’t pick up spares easily? What if your grandfather gave it to you and there’s absolutely no replacing it because it has so much sentimental value?

Motorcycle Shippers offers many details about why your bike should be safe in their hands—but one is that $7,000 of valuation coverage is included in your shipping price, at no additional charge. Your AMA member number gets you $25 off on each bike you ship one way, $100 off each round-trip shipment, or $50 off each if you’re shipping multiple bikes to the same address. 

Whether you’re moving one bike or an entire collection, the savings here could add up quickly. Nobody likes moving—especially when the added logistics of a mechanical fleet are involved—but stuff like this can really help. 

The AMA adds Motorcycle Shippers to its already long list of partner companies that extend special benefits to AMA members. Bike insurers, gear and tool manufacturers, hotel chains, and others help create a well-rounded list of companies with services in which AMA members might be interested. You can find out more about all of them, including Motorcycle Shippers, right here

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