Galaxy Custom is a shop that prides itself on builds that are out of this world. Head designer Ivaylo Trendafilov told Ultimate Motorcycling that, “the typical Galaxy client is someone who is looking for the extraordinary, the seeker of a unique identity.” If the shop’s Mille Miglia X build isn’t a good example of something intergalactic, I’m not sure what is. 

Based on a BMW K 1200 RS, with aesthetics derived from the BMW 328 Mille Miglia, Trendafilov told Ultimate Motorcycling that since Galaxy already had plenty of bobbers based on K 1200 RSs, they wanted to go in a different direction. 

1940 BMW 328
The car that inspired this design.

This build, according to Trendafilov, was also a bit different from some others because the client was directly involved in the design process. “In the end, each project has its own direction of development, and perhaps this is more interesting,” he said. 

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As you can clearly see, customizations weren’t purely done for aesthetics alone. An Öhlins front fork now takes pride of place at the front of the bike, shining almost as brightly as that LED headlight. The single-sided swingarm was built specifically for this bike by Galaxy in its Vratsa, Bulgaria workshop. Stopping power is provided by Beringer Aerotec brakes, and the Mille Miglia X has also been fitted with K&N filters and a stainless steel GC exhaust system. 

A wooden cockpit mount surrounds custom gauges, and the thoughtful design of the wood involves a natural oak veneer glued to two-millimeter thick stainless steel to prevent the typical deformation of wood over time due to temperature and humidity. 

According to Trendafilov, the design drew heavily on not just the 328 Mille Miglia classic race car, but also on BMW’s rich aeronautic history. Trendafilov also mentioned how Japanese motorcycles completely changed his line of thinking when he was a child, simply because they were so different from the CZ, Jawa, and MZ bikes that he knew. 

It’s interesting that he specifically mentioned that, because in some respects, certain profile lines put me in mind of a rougher, more battle-ready Jawa 500 OHC. What do you think? 

Photos: Deyan Yordanov for Galaxy Custom

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