If you’re a Ural owner, you might already know about the manufacturer’s annual Share the Chair event. It takes place at the beginning of September every year, and is a day when Ural owners try to offer as many sidecar rides as possible to any and every willing participant. People, dogs, potbelly pigs—it’s all up to you and your individual passengers. 2019’s Share the Chair takes place on September 7th. 

It’s no coincidence that Share the Chair also takes place during International Ural Ride Day. After all, the entire point of a sidecar is being able to take passengers and not just ride by yourself all the time. Besides having fun and taking a bunch of photos, though, why should you participate? 

Gallery: Share The Chair With Ural

Of course taking great photos and sharing the sidecar love with the #sharethechair hashtag on Instagram and Facebook is a community-building exercise. However, you can also win prizes like Ural gift cards if you participate. Additionally, Ural is apparently trying to set some kind of world record for this event. Although it doesn’t give a lot of details on its website, if this idea still intrigues you, just be sure to participate and use the hashtag for your photos. 

It seems that Ural hasn’t updated its Rules page since the 2018 run, despite making this new video for the 2019 event. During last year’s event, for every 10 passengers you convinced to ride in your sidecar, you received an International Ural Ride Day star sticker. Hopefully, something similar happens this year, because who can’t use more stickers? Register here if you want to participate.

The person who gave the most rides last year was Bear Campbell from Coarsegold, California. He gave 52 lucky passengers rides via his Ural cT. Riding hot on Campbell’s heels with 48 rides given was Robin Weber from the Northwest Territories of Canada on a Ural Tourist. All the 2019 records have yet to be set, and it’s a clean slate—so if you’re all about sidecars, now is your time to shine.

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