The LiveWire is one of the most polarizing bikes in motorcycling at the moment. Historically, enthusiasts have been ambivalent toward Harley-Davidson but the negative reception of the all-electric bike primarily echoed within the chambers of the Harley faithful. Harlistas take issue with the sound of the LiveWire and they don’t fancy its aesthetics, but now they have a chance to experience how the LiveWire actually rides. On August 20 and 21, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee will offer demo rides on the LiveWire to the public.  

While the Motor Company plans to launch the model later this month, customer pre-orders have claimed 50 percent of the first 500 units. Harley hopes that LiveWire will be the beginning of a popular, comprehensive e-bike line, one that will carry the company into the future.

Despite the optimistic forecast, the din of dissent from brand-loyal customers is palpable. To answer their complaints, Harley decided to schedule the LiveWire demo rides during the annual Dealer Meeting held in Milwaukee this year. The brand hopes that climbing aboard a LiveWire will change the mind of naysayers within the HOG community and drum up more support for the new direction of the company.

Visitors planning to take part in the demo rides must present a valid motorcycle license and be over the age of 18. Riders are required to wear a DOT-certified helmet and appropriate riding gear. Harley isn’t allowing passengers, however, and riders must complete liability and safety paperwork before testing the LiveWire. 

If you’re unable to participate in the demo rides, the Harley Museum will include the LiveWire in their Experience Gallery, a ride simulator featuring some of Harley’s historic models. The installation allows visitors to test the ergonomics of the LiveWire in a controlled environment and presents an opportunity to take photos on the electric motorcycle. 

For those making the pilgrimage to  the Harley holy land between August 20 and 21, do yourself a favor and swing a leg over the LiveWire. If it’s anything like our first ride review, you might be surprised by the new direction of the Motor Company. 

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