Generally speaking, the two things everyone knows about Suzuki Hayabusas are a) they make amazing canvases for some impressive art, and b) they will absolutely destroy you at a drag strip. Does it matter who “you” are? Usually not. Obviously, the individual skills of the people competing at a drag strip can make a difference. Still, in most cases, betting against a Busa is, very often, a good way to lose your money.

In this case, it’s that perennial track day weapon, the SV 650 squaring off against the aforementioned Hayabusa. Who will win? You knew before you even clicked into this article. Surely, the only real question here is, by how much will the Busa whup the SV’s sorry tail on that quarter-mile?

Ah, but this race didn’t follow the script at all. The Hayabusa broke out by 0.07 seconds—so by the rules, the SV ended up winning! You can hear a disbelieving spectator shouting “NO WAY!” at the very end of this video, which is pretty much how everyone watching this competition probably feels. 

Still, that’s why such a seemingly short period of time can feel so loaded with tension, and so incredibly dramatic. You might think you know what’s going to happen—and maybe a lot of times, you’re right. If it happens the way you’re expecting, you’re satisfied because you called it, and you like it when you’re right. I mean, who doesn’t?

If it surprises you, that’s a different kind of satisfaction, because maybe it wasn’t as predictable as you thought it was going to be. Maybe, just maybe, sometimes the little guy does win. If you’re the type of person who loves cheering for the underdog, maybe there’s a bit of extra satisfaction in that angle, as well. It’s proof that glorious underdog stories don’t only happen in movies—sometimes, they show up at the strip, and you’re lucky enough to witness them.

Source: YouTube

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