The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is the currently the undisputed king of factory forced induction superbikes. That may change if we see an all-new Suzuki Hayabusa, which could be turbocharged if rumors are to be believed. People have been adding turbos to 'Busas for years, and for good reason. How does the old technology compare to the new? Quite favorably, actually.

It's pretty clear from the video that it's not this particular 'Busa's first drag strip rodeo. The elongated swingarm, as well as the number "1320" on the windscreen, are pretty clear signs that this guy takes the quarter mile quite seriously. While it's not obvious from the video that the Hayabusa is equipped with a turbo, the description calls it a "turbo 250hp turbo Hayabusa."

The H2 is no slouch, even unmodified off the factory floor. Its supercharger boosts it to over 200 horsepower. Though less than the Hayabusa, the Ninja is a smaller, lighter bike, and requires less power to go just as fast. On paper, this seems like a pretty close battle.

In reality, the H2 doesn't have a chance. It has a great deal of trouble keeping its front wheel on the ground during every run, requiring corrective measures that slow it down while the 'Busa leaves it far behind. A 10-second quarter mile is nothing to sneeze at, but the Suzuki is dialed in well, and perhaps the rider is more experienced. I wonder what would happen if the Kawi rider turned on some of the bike's electronic aids to limit wheelies and control traction a little better.

I'm a big fan of both bikes, and it's difficult for me to choose my favorite here. After watching another 'Busa let us all down, however, I'm happy to witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station.

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