Any flavor of R80-based customization you want can be yours.

Bike customization is a painstaking process, and one that we randos on the Internet frequently enjoy via the beautiful photographs posted by the likes of BikeEXIF and others. However, if you don’t actually do customizations for a living, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices and all the work that goes into even the simplest job.

If you go to a professional bike customizer with a great reputation, like Marcus Walz, you know you’re getting a whole lot of hands-on experience and technical knowledge. After all, that’s presumably why you’re talking to a guy like him, and not simply trying to hammer some bits into place with your cousin Jeff, who doesn’t even like to change his own oil. All that knowledge and experience isn’t cheap, of course—and it shouldn’t be. 

Gallery: Schizzo Modular Customs

People don’t like choice paralysis, but they do want a reasonable amount of choices. They also want expert knowledge and experience at a fair price. That’s why Walz found a way to streamline the custom bike building process for customers with his Schizzo Modular Customs line. 

Walzwerk Motorcycle Company started using BMW R80s as the basis for three choose-your-own-bike options: Scrambler, Roadster, or Cafe Racer. They recently added R80-based concept designs for Bobber and GT1 variants, as well. 

The builder offers a reasonable number of choices, so you’re not overwhelmed. Also, from Walzwerk’s perspective, there’s already a procedure in place to put it all together. By sticking to a base bike that Walz and his team know inside and out, they don’t have to waste time figuring out the best way to route lines and wires, for example. The end result is that everything works well, is reasonably accessible for future maintenance, and of course looks good. 

If you like R80s and have a reasonable budget, the Schizzo modular custom concept could be an interesting one. You can get the bike you want, with expert guidance and hands in its creation. How can that be a bad thing?

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Photos: Walzwerk Motorcycle Company


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