When it rains in Hinckley it clearly pours, because we have a few more urgent and key galleries of spy shots to share with you today. The new Triumph Bonneville Bobber TFC and Street Triple are here to get you excited about the future, both continuing and refining designs you already know and love as we slide into the final five months of 2019. 

The Bobber Is Already Beloved, So How Do You Improve It?

Gallery: Triumph Bobber TFC Spy Shots

There’s always something that can be tweaked. Perfection isn’t a finite goal, but a path upon which we like to set ourselves. As every bike person knows, every time you get one thing dialled in just right, something else could stand at least a tiny adjustment, am I right? We’ve already seen the Thruxton TFC and the Rocket 3 TFC. This is the Bobber TFC. 

As MCN reported upon viewing an earlier version of the bike in testing, the Bobber TFC features Öhlins suspension front and rear. If you’re improving the handling and you already have a grunty 1200cc mill that provides buckets of bottom-end torque, then it also stands to reason you’d want to improve the brakes. Did someone say ‘Brembo M50 monobloc calipers’? Your wish is Triumph’s command.

Your feelings on the regular Bobber’s flat bars might be based upon aesthetics, ergonomics, or a combination of the two. Either way, you’ll probably have feelings of some sort about the Bobber TFC’s clip-ons. Me, I prefer them, but that’s obviously a totally subjective opinion—and I’m generally not a huge fan of flat bars most of the time. 

Keeping The Street Triple In Our Hearts And Minds.

Gallery: Triumph Street Triple Spy Shots

Equally at home on the street or at the track, its stylish streetfighter good looks and the unique character of that triple combine to make a consistently impressive riding experience. Sure, you could spend a little less, get an MT-09, and still have a very fun time. It just wouldn’t be the same, and if you love that unique Triumph three-cylinder, there’s no cure but to own one. 

That sporty, aggressive, praying mantis headlight cluster continues to eye everything in front of it with purpose. Like its insect inspiration, those who underestimate the Street Triple will soon learn what a serious mistake they’ve made. 

Photos by CarPix

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