We know how the song goes: being a rider comes with its fair share of risks. While the risks are usually associated with the “riding” part of the whole thing, sometimes, even just being stopped can be a hazard. Especially when road rage is suspected to be involved. 

A 57-year-old rider in Phoenix, Arizona was run down by a pickup truck after his motorcycle stalled at an intersection. The incident occurred on July 10 and was caught on the dash-cam of a truck driving through the intersection when the events unfolded. The images clearly show a silver Toyota Tacoma rear-ending a stopped motorcyclist and dragging him along on several feet until the rider toppled over and out of the way. 

The driver of the pickup truck didn’t stop to check on the rider and drover away. The behavior caught on camera suggests that the driver intentionally rear-ended the immobilized motorcycle. The suspect escaped as the driver of the truck equipped with the dash-cam stopped to help the victim of the hit-and-run. 

The authorities are hopeful that the high-quality footage will help identify the culprit. “This video was very high quality, and it really helps us go to the public and ask for their help because instead of just telling the story, now we can show them the video and hopefully seeing that vehicle will jog someone’s memory, and what we need is someone to give us that information, so we can find out who did this and why they didn’t stop,” Sgt. Jamie Rothschild of the Phoenix Police told Fox 10

Sgt. Rothschild added that the charges the suspect faces won't be limited to the hit-and-run. The authorities are looking at charging him with more serious accusations, including failing to stop after the collision and stay on the premises, help the rider and check on him, and call the police. 

The story doesn't say how bad the victim's injuries were following the incident or what state he is in. 

The Phoenix Police is still looking for the driver of a first-generation silver Toyota Tacoma TRD, identified as either a 1998 or 1999. People with information regarding this incident are invited to contact the Silent Witness line at 480-WITNESS or the Spanish counterpart, Testigo Silencioso at 480-TESTIGO. 

Source: Fox 10

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