Successfully completing an Iron Butt challenge is impressive enough, but doing it on an electric motorcycle? Have electric motorcycles—and crucially, the infrastructure necessary to charge them in a timely fashion—evolved to the point where this feat is even feasible? Riders Morgan Vetter and Brandon Nozaki Miller think it is. Even more importantly, they have a plan to do it that involves an Energica Esse Esse 9.

This won’t be the first time that an electric motorcycle has successfully traveled 1,000 miles in 24 hours while strictly adhering to the Iron Butt Association’s rules. That honor goes to Terry Hershner, who successfully did an Iron Butt run on a modified Zero S in 2014, with assistance from Craig Vetter in creating special aerodynamic bodywork to extend that bike’s range.

The video above shows Brandon’s first run on the Esse Esse 9, utilizing the prolific EVGo charging network that is conveniently located throughout California. Of course, this was just recon—not the official run. Vetter wrote that he and Miller learned a lot from this first run, and have adjusted their final route accordingly. 

One of the official Iron Butt rules to certify a completed ride calls for collecting and tracking all your fuel receipts. According to the rules, the time stamp on your very first fuel receipt is your official start time for completing the run within 24 hours. 

Energica Electric Iron Butt Map
The current route map.

Additional good evidence to have is a clear photo of your receipt next to your odometer at each and every fuel/recharging stop, to keep everything on the up-and-up. This is why EVGo having such an extensive charging network throughout California comes in handy. It should be much easier for Miller and Vetter to keep good records of every charging stop than it might be somewhere else. 

The duo just posted this test run video, and have not yet announced a date for their official attempt. RideApart will definitely keep on top of this run, and we all wish Miller and Vetter the best of luck in their attempt. 

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