We here at RideApart will always encourage someone who is interested in motorcycles, or anyone who is new to the sport, to seek out some training. One great piece of advice we probably all got when we were starting out was to start small. There are small motorcycles, and in a whole different category, there are those rental electric scooters, but a lack of education on either one can put the rider in a dangerous position.

The situation captured on this dash cam is downright preposterous. Clearly, letting people with no experience rent a powered two-wheeler can lead to some pretty dumb decisions. I will posit here that this one takes the proverbial cake. You may observe that traffic is moving pretty slowly, but keep in mind that that guy is the reason traffic slowed down

You can hear your parents in your head as you look at the situation this guy got himself into, can’t you? What in the heck were you thinking? When did you figure it was a good idea to get onto a freeway on a rental scooter that was made for bicycle lanes? Did you miss all the “no scooter” signs on the highway? Did you bother to read any of the instructions or warnings or safety precautions when you rented that scooter? Do you even know what traffic laws are for?

Obviously, this guy wasn’t thinking, he did think it was a good idea, and no, he never reads instructions for anything, because that’s for losers. These electric rental scooters have a top speed of about 15mph. This guy is on I-35 in Dallas, Texas, which has a speed limit of 70mph. He is riding this scooter on that freeway at 9 o’clock on a Monday morning. 

Perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt and posit that perhaps he is not a local, which is why he rented that scooter in the first place. Perhaps because he’s from out of town, he doesn’t know his way around at all, which is why maybe he made an honest wrong turn when he hopped on that interstate on a tiny, speed-governed, standing electric scooter. Why he then got into the far-left fast lane may be a mystery for the ages.

People do dumb stuff on motorcycles all the time, but mark my words, these rental scooters are ushering in a whole new wave of People Doing Really Dumb Things On Two Wheels. Who gets training to ride a rental scooter? Do people ever bring helmets with them? Does anyone read the safety tips provided by the rental companies? Nobody, and no, they sure don’t.

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