Maybe an ultra-light version will do.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the adventures of Nembo. The Italian company has been hard at work trying to get its project 32 to lift. The Nembo 32 bike looks like another stylized version of a sportbike—that’s until you notice the unusually high crankcase cover and unusually low cylinder heads. The 32 has the particularity of having an inverted engine, a concept the company has been testing and trying to sell for a few years now. And now they’re back at it. 

So, a little story about Nembo. No later than January, the company announced that after years of testing, the Nembo 32 was finally ready for production. All it was missing was, well, funding. So the team turned to crowdfunding to help lift the project off the ground. Sadly, the campaign ended short of its goal—short by like $3,599,944. The company requested a massive $3.6M from its online supporters who were apparently not to willing to part with their hard-earned money. Only $56 were donated to support the project, which is less than one percent of the requested amount. 

Nembo 32
The original Nembo 32.

Fast-forward a few more months and it seems that despite the failure to gather the funds to get the Nembo 32 project up and running, the company hasn’t given up yet. Introducing the Nembo 32 Iperleggera, or ultralight. The thought here seems to be that shaving roughly 50 lb off the bike might make it more successful. To achieve that, the company will rely on good ol’ carbon fiber components. The engine itself and the power figures remain unchanged at 1,995cc, three-pots, and 200 horsepower. The lighter weight should help improve the acceleration and potentially the top speed of the model—figures that haven't been announced. Should this 32 2.0 be more popular, the company is targeting a yearly rollout of 200 units. 

Guess what Nembo needs now? Take a wild guess. Yeah. Money. Again. There’s no talk of crowdfunding this time around, however the company is in search of a benefactor. The Iperleggera is only at the render stage—not even a prototype has been built yet. So, who wants to throw their money at Nembo?

Sources: Motociclismo 

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