Many of us would love nothing more than to travel from Alaska to Argentina on a bike. Which bike would you choose? I’m guessing it probably wouldn’t be a Honda Grom—unless you’re a 23-year-old man named Doug, from a small college town in Oklahoma. That, friends, is exactly his game plan. On a trip he’s calling “Grom Way ‘Round,” he’ll be proving whether the Grom can be a capable ADV machine while touring the Americas. 

Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? Probably not, but with so many variables, he—and by extension, his YouTube subscribers, blog readers, and social media visitors—won’t know until things happen. His trip prep mod list is significant, and besides luggage racks, crash bars, and skid plate, includes a YSS rear shock with adjustable preload, a Seat Concepts comfort seat that he says raises the height and also allows him to sit further back, and a DH Motoring ECU reflash. 

As for reasons why he’s doing it, well...because it’s fun, because he wants to see the world and meet people, and because just about everyone loves a Grom (even if they don’t like motorcycles). Also, it’s light and easy to pick up (although maybe less so with all that stuff strapped to it), gets incredible gas mileage, and is inexpensive. 

If you can make it trip-worthy and comfortable enough to ride for that distance, this Grom ADV idea doesn’t seem as far-fetched as it might do at first. Obviously, some larger riders won’t physically be able to (or even want to) deal with this bike for even a short ride, let alone a long one. For some riders, it might even be an experience akin to a bear riding a tricycle. That’s OK; there are plenty of bikes that are physically too big for more compact riders. The point is, finding a bike that suits your needs is totally possible across a wide range of riding purposes and physical presences—and that’s a beautiful thing no matter where you are on the rider spectrum.

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