It’s hard not to have a sweet spot for one of Honda’s tiniest bike, the Grom. Tiny, affordable, and easy to fiddle with, the Grom is a favorite of professional tinkerers who have given the tiny model different new personalities. One of the most recent (and probably coolest) mods is the work of MSC Performance. Introducing, the Electrom. 

As the name suggests, the team at MSC Performance swapped the Grom’s small 125cc petrol single for a little something cleaner, quieter, and torquier. The team grafted an Alta Motors Redshift electric motor and battery to the tiny frame. A bit of tweaking work had to be done to ensure the Alta’s powertain train fitted on the considerably smaller Grom.

California-native electric motorcycle manufacturer Alta Motors fell off the radar eight months ago amidst rumors of financial difficulties. While some of us were optimistic that the company would pull through, the recent purchase of some of Alta’s patents and intellectual property by Bombardier owner BRP hinted at a an inevitable end.

The electric engine of the Redshift produces a healthy 50 horsepower and 42 lb-ft of torque, which is a little more than five times the output of a stock Grom. To help efficiently deliver all the power to the real wheel, the MSC Performance team designed a gigantic sproket the size of the wheel. For testing, the setup serves its purpose, however the team is already looking at swapping the the tire for a bigger one which should improve the Grom’s handling. 

The video shows the guys at ElectroBraap put the Electrom through its paces, testing the speed, the handling on a canyon road and even indulging in a burn out. Hey, Honda! The Grom looks like a prime candidate for electrification. I bet you the Electrom is a riot to ride on—the standard Grom already is. 

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