The call came in late on the Thursday: “Are you free to go on a riding trip to Montreal on Sunday?" I had a couple plans, but I could not turn down the opportunity to test out a 2019 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle on an mystery adventure trip/media event hosted by charismatic Quebecois road racer Guy Caron. Not even the angry rains and chilly temperatures that accompanied me on the way there from Toronto dampened my spirits (although my gear took a few days to get over it.)

I love surprises and so does Caron. Even after meeting up on the Sunday morning just north of Montreal, the only clues we had to what lay ahead were a few vague instructions and the requirement to let some air out of our tires. What followed was a couple of hours of riding through spectacular mountain landscapes with a few pit-stops to capture our delighted selves in photos before arriving at our first rest stop.

Le Racer Moto Experiences
Leaning into the good times.

Mecaglisse is a motorsport complex in Quebec's Laurentian Moutains. The venue offers courses for 2 and 4-wheel track enthusiasts on an asphalt circuit complete with scenic elevations, a sandy motocross track, and extensive off-road trails in the forest for enduros and ATVs. This awesome venue is only one of the many included on the incredible menu of experiences offered by Le Racer Moto Expériences, Guy Caron’s unique, customized motorcycle adventure tour program. After a delicious lunch, we were treated to more winding Laurentian roads followed by 50 miles of grueling gravel.

One thing I’ve noticed about all the motorcyclists I’ve come across is the road to becoming a better rider is fuelled as much by the passion of the sport than by the ability to enjoy the breathtaking vistas along the way. Motorcycle riders sign up for track days, dirt days, refresher classes, and go on long trips that push past their comfort zones and help improve skills and increase confidence. The rush that comes from overcoming fear and achieving a successful execution after repeated attempts is the ultimate boost. Le Racer Moto Expériences offers both the challenge and the victory wrapped up into one exciting package. 

Gallery: Le Racer Moto Experiences

Founder and instructor Guy Caron is an accomplished track and motocross racer. Following closely, I soon found myself leaning farther and faster into tight twisties than I ever had before. On 100 miles of dirt, I sailed over gravel and sand with the back-end of the Scrambler often fishtailing, feeling nervous but mostly confident, sometimes even relaxed. It was a blast and only 36 hours later, I know I was now a better rider.

In the midst of all this exceptional riding, we arrived to the Native Reserve of Manawan where we were warmly welcomed and treated to a soul-inspiring boat ride across a sparkling lake to an island equipped for long-term camping. After all that riding, the homemade fish stew with bannock and fresh-baked blueberry pie against a sparkling sunset backdrop were the perfect end to an astounding and challenging day. It was also the best way to recharge before taking on the next. 

Le Racer Moto Experiences
Sunset over a perfect day of riding.

Le Racer Moto Expériences is an a-la-carte touring experience that will extend your horizons and improve your motorcycle skills while introducing you to a piece of Canadian heritage. We came, we conquered, we even crashed, and at the end of it all, we had an amazing adventure and emerged better riders. Best of all? You can do it too.


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