This weekend is the 41st annual Mid Atlantic Police Motorcycle Rodeo in Pittsburgh, PA. Attendance is free, so if you’re in the area and want to see some mad skills, you might want to pop in.

There will be 20 police departments attending with a combined 78 motor officers competing. Each of the challenges within the competition are named, so you have pieces of the course called “The Mouse Trap” and “The Beehive.” Some are timed courses such that the winner gets through the fastest. Some are precision courses, and the winner of those doesn’t knock over any cones. The video above is from a couple of years ago, but it's still fun!

The main competition will take place Saturday June 22 from 9AM until 2PM. The team competition is from 2PM to 4PM. These guys do magic with their motorcycles, and it’s worth going to see them in person. Heck, maybe they’ll give you a few tips!

The first Mid Atlantic Police Rodeo was held in 1979 in Washington DC. These events and gatherings are meant as a means of skill building as well as camaraderie. When motor officers from different departments and locations meet in a friendly, non-stressful setting, they will work together better in the future.

These competitions are extremely impressive, especially given the enormous motorcycles they ride in them. Each of these officers has obviously practiced for a lot of hours on his or her machine in order to be able to even come close to accomplishing the challenges set forth in the courses.

If this is something that interests you, there are motor officer courses all over the country, so you too can go take the same training these riders go through. It is quite a lot more involved than the MSF class you took, even if you took the ERC version of it. These classes are generally up to forty hours of saddle time, but then you’ve got to keep practicing after that, because skills erode.

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