Is your mechanic this kind of magician?

All of us who watch motorcycle racing of any kind know that crashes happen. Sometimes crashes go very wrong, and that was the case here for the aptly-named OMG Racing Team while participating in the second free practice session of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship at Donington Park in its infamous Craner Curves.

Racer Josh Eliot was OK after the crash, but after he and his bike parted ways it dug into the turf edge a bit too hard, tumbled around a bit and broke in half in the process. The frame snapped under the tank, the front wheel and fork lowers sort of effed off, and the rest of the bike came to rest some feet away. Eliot’s bike really yard-saled itself. Pieces everywhere.

But this guy had a race to ride, you know? Since the rider was miraculously uninjured, his team of OMG Mechanics went to work at 5PM to rebuild that “Pink Panther” GSX-R1000 to get the bike ready in time for the third free practice session, the next day. Did they do it? You bet they did. OMG!

Team OMG and its at-least-seven mechanics worked nonstop on that bike starting at 5PM the day of the crash, and had it rebuilt and buttoned up by midnight. Since the original motorcycle’s frame was broken, this is literally a frame-up rebuild for this 1000cc four-cylinder Suzuki race bike, and it had to be done and ready to ride the next morning. Eliot didn’t miss a single session, and as you can see in this fantastic time-lapse video, those mechanics are serious magicians.

If you’ve ever worked on a motorcycle with another person you know how easily you can get in each other’s way, so it is all the more impressive that this large team of skilled mechanics was able to work in such close quarters, all on the same bike, and under immense time pressure while still getting the job done.

Not all heros wear capes; Eliot was out the very next day on his rebuilt machine and didn’t miss a single session. Amazing!

Source: VisorDown, Twitter, YouTube