Is the Autobahn on your bucket list of places and roads to visit? It sure is on mine! The famous German highway is known for its speed limit-free zone that allow car and motorcycle enthusiasts alike to push the limits of their vehicles as well as their own. How fast can you go? As fast as your bike or your gut will allow. Until you get to make it happen on your own, here’s a look at what pushing an R1 is like.

The Autobahn isn’t one specific stretch of highway—it refers to the network of highways or Autobahnen in Germany. This means that if you are visiting Germany and going for a ride, chances are you’ll hit the Autobahn at some point. While some portions of the network have posted speed limits, the Autobahn is best known for the portions that give drivers and riders carte blanche. Sky’s the (speed) limit.

This legally allows you to reach MotoGP and even Formula 1 speeds without having to hit the track. The average cruising speed on the network has been registered as 88 mph—not a crazy number, but one that’s high enough to get you where you need to be efficiently.

Giving us a taste of just how awesome riding freely on the Autobahn is like is YouTube user PaulsGear who posted a first-person recording of himself reaching a top speed of 299 km/h (so 186 mph) on his Yamaha R1. This is what taking full advantage of a one-liter sportsbike looks like! While you can clearly hear the inline four’s high-pitched revving, you can see on the camera that the guy doesn’t even have to redline his R1 to reach the ludicrous speed.

If watching him cruise the Autobahn and accelerate to these insane speeds doesn’t leave you a little breathless, I’m not sure what will. One thing’s for sure, now more than ever, I dream of the Autobahn.

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