In today’s motorcycling landscape, it’s not enough for companies to simply manufacture products, outfits have to go above and beyond, establishing what’s considered to be a true brand, and bolstering publicity whilst creating connections with customers via media content. While some firms are ahead of the curve in this regard (looking at you Redbull Media House!), others are hustling to get in on the content creation action. One brand that’s producing some really slick content is Klim, the snowmobile and motocross gear purveyor.

Klim’s latest flick follows three (well-outfitted) friends riding enduros through the jungles of Guatemala in an effort to reach a pair of active volcanoes. The nine-minute film also sees the trio of seasoned off-road enthusiasts travel through urban areas, over beaches, to the top of waterfalls, and at one point the gang even transports their thumpers via a sketchy-looking fishing boat. By the end of their journey, the three riders supposedly became the first people to ride up the more than 13,000-feet of treacherous loose volcanic rock that is Volcan Acatenango.

While on the surface, the short film is clearly motivated by the marketing benefits of what’s essentially just a long-form ad-spot (and it is), however what sets this one apart is its off-the-charts production value. Between the breathtaking filming/riding locations and the use of drones and ultra high-def camera equipment, the “Destination Guatemala” video has a wildly polished feel to it. And, like any good moto movie or marketing should; the clip makes you want to go out and ride.

Even with the product-promotion aspect of the video, it still plays more like a travel vlog or story than it does a commercial—again, largely thanks to the stellar production value. Fortunately as the bar keeps getting raised, we can start expecting more and more promo videos that look like they were produced by Nat Geo or the folks behind the Planet Earth series.


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