Laura Buitron is running two marathons and an ultra marathon, wearing motorcycle gear, to promote motorcycle awareness. Crazy? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.

This is a dream that @chickmotorunner had for years—to raise awareness about motorcycle safety through her running. In her words, “I’m not crazy, I’m not tough, but I’m determined & stubborn to establish my rightful place on the road as a motorcycle rider. This one’s for you guys: Christian and “Legionnaire” (in loving memory), R.A. Stephen Janzan, Joe Malecki, and Andrew Wright.”

RideApart first featured the diminutive adventure rider because of her impressive video demonstration of how to upend a GS on your own with a ratchet strap. When this writer was doing due-diligence for the article, it was impossible not to want to follow what this impressive rider was going to do next. How about a marathon in full motorcycle get up? 


Laura Buitron rides, a lot. Everywhere, and usually on her own. Her posts openly express her pain as well as her passion. Whether its riding, running or working on ships, Buitron is quite obviously 120 percent engaged in what she does. This latest project is no exception.

Evidence of her hard-core training regime surfaced in early February, when she’d already bested her half marathon PB. By early March Buitron started preparing her body for running ATTGAT. On April 14, 2019 she ran the Paris Marathon and on April 27, 2019 she ran the Madrid marathon, both wearing all her gear, both in under 4 hours! Next up: the Florida Ultramarathon on May 18.

Buitron has made it her mission to get drivers to look up and take notice. If you drive a car, does it have a bumper sticker encouraging your fellow cagers to look out for motorcyclists? How about your friends and family members? It could be that easy to get drivers to check their mirrors and learn to share the road so we can all enjoy riding safely. #beseenbesafe

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