We’ve seen what happens when you cross a motorcycle with a car: you end up with a hybrid vehicle only the owner can truly appreciate while the rest of us are left scratching our heads. Well guess what? Here’s yet another proof that car-bikes only meet the weird needs of a small demographics. This time, the creator crossed a legendary Boss Hoss with an equally legendary Lamborghini.

If the Jersey Shore ever produced a motorcycle, this is what I would picture the result to look like. An americanized-Italian who proudly flaunts its uniqueness and is anything but subtle. The same could be used to describe deep dish pizza, I guess.

This… thing, wasn’t produced by a custom shop located between a spray tan salon and a v-neck shop on a strip by the beach—no, it’s the work of German shop Boss Hoss Cycles Germany. The concept, commissioned by a client—who might or might not be sporting a mullet and gold chains—was to combine the front-end of a Boss Hoss, famed V8 motorcycles maker, with the backend of a Lamborghini Aventador. It makes us a little sad that a motorcycle and a car were sacrificed to serve a twisted mind’s weird design.

Gallery: Boss Hoss Lamborghini Style

At the core of the Guido—which we think is the perfect name for this trike—is a 445-hp, 6.2L V8 engine, apparently borrowed from a Corvette, according to our colleagues at Motor1 France though frankly we doubt it since Boss Hoss does offer the 445 hp, 445 lb-ft torque LS 445 mill which is exactly what seems to be weapon of choice in this transfo. The Chevy six-liter block produces higher hp and torque.

There are no laws against poor tastes and terrible transformations like this one, though sometimes we wish there were. Get ouf of the way Fashion Police, the MCIS (Motorcycle Criminal Investigative Service) is taking this case. You can’t take two beautiful vehicles and butcher them to create this monstrosity and get away with it.

At least the sound must be nice...

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