The beat of the bike.

Aside from being one of the best-known names in MotoGP racing, Marc Marquez has recently been adding a few pretty cool things to his resume, including riding down a ski hill on his Repsol Honda with Red Bull. He’ll now be able to add yet another unusual thing to his list: playing the X-ADV.

Honda’s European step-through motorcycle, the quirky X-ADV, might not sound like the coolest bike around, but in the hands of Marquez, it gains some serious street cred. Especially in this Honda-sponsored video that pairs up Marquez, an X-ADV, and DJ Roger Wid. That’s how we learn that the most basic of sounds like flipping the footpeg up and zipping your jacket closed has a musical quality and can be turned into a beat.

The two-minute video shows us Wid hard at work, recording simple everyday sounds while Marquez fiddles with the X-ADV as he readies to jump in the saddle. A microphone positioned near the ground then records the sound of the MotoGP champion as he whips the bike around and skids on the concrete floor . The X-ADV might only be powered by the same, slightly underwhelming 745cc twin-cylinder used in the US in the NC750X, but at the end of a pro, even the scooter look-alike seems cool and fun to ride on. From the squeeling of the tires, to the revving of the engine, to the clicking of the under-seat storage compartment—all the ticks make the clock go ‘round.

The resulting tune might not be to everyone’s taste, unless you’re into electronic/techno music, but you have to acknowledge the creativity behind the process. The “tune” and the video were created to celebrate Marquez’ 7th world title in MotoGP. Why an X-ADV rather than his Repsol? Maybe a little to celebrate the fact that the model has become the best-selling adventure “motorcycle” in Europe in 2018, dethroning the R 1200 GS.  

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