A Stetson, a saloon, a stallion, and the kind of invisible mystery that is draped, like a dusty halo, over man and beast. Where hinges screech in the rusty air and abandoned animals move out of the way of majestic mares. Okay, but where are the motorcycles? Welcome to “Enduro Motivation 2019-Western Style”, the fourteenth video installation from a fruitful collaboration between four fearless dirt riders and a creative film crew. It’s a lot of a stretch, but it adds some silly to the serious, after all, we're here for a good time, right?

‘Enduro Seven’ is a group of friends who wanted to share their passion for pushing the limits on dirt with the rest of us so they partnered up with the German film crew D7A (DIE 7. ART Filmkunst) to produce a series of short action films that feature them in different settings, showing off the dream that is dirt riding. If you’ve done it, you’ll want to jump into the movie. If you’re road-bound, I challenge you not to notice the special allure of trails over tarmac.

The whole series does a great job of showing off how off-road riding has its own special thrills and spills. Not sure they needed any kind of a plot–especially one that references the all-too-popular pun that compares riding a machine to equestrian activities-but these ‘steeds’ are all kinds of fun, so why not add cowboys? It’s all part of the a wild ride.


Low angle lush forest rips, sweeping aerial footage of endless fields, the sight and sound of dirt being kicked up high while finely tuned Enduro bikes maneuver their way through trees, and up steep incline with no traffic. Just the riders and the ride, and also how it feels to be free to soar and slide to your heart's content without ever having to look back.



Featured in this video are a 2018 KTM EXC 350F ridden by #7 ‘Marco’ and a 2019 Husqvarna TE300I under the command of #77, ‘Stefan’-further evidence that these two brands are dedicated to showcasing all the motocross mavericks. 

‘Enduro Seven’ for their part, promote responsible ridership by signing off: “Ride like a Pro, not like a Rebel.”

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