The Argon Transform by Whyre is not the first helmet heads-up display that we've seen. We were impressed with the Nuviz, plus I have one of my own, so I have a clue how a good motorcycle heads-up display should work. This new unit, however, incorporates one significant feature that the Nuviz lacks: a rear-view camera.

On most motorcycles, your mirrors aren't in your direct line of sight in your normal riding position. You have to look down, away from traffic, to glance behind you. Additionally, you can't always see directly behind you, only to either side. This is especially true if you have a top trunk. The Argon Transform solves this problem by providing a camera that mounts to the back of your helmet and projects the image to the small heads-up display on the front of the helmet. Not only does this let you see behind you, but it also gives you a much higher angle than your mirrors, enabling you to see over a tall top trunk or other cargo. It literally gives you eyes in the back of your head, and you barely have to move your real eyes to see the display.

Argon Transform Display

Its other functions are quite similar to the Nuviz. It incorporates navigation, a speedometer, Bluetooth controls for music and phone functions, and a remote control to operate all of these. It also has a forward facing camera that Whyre says operates like a dash cam. Exactly how this camera works isn't clear, but if it constantly records at least a short portion of video, that's a huge improvement over the Nuviz, which only records when you tell it to. Video recording does drain the Nuviz battery extremely quickly, however, as I've learned from experience. Hopefully, the Argon Transform solves this problem.

Whyre expects the Argon Transform to sell for $680, which is comparable to the Nuviz. There is no word yet on exactly when and where it will be available, however.

Source: TechTheLead

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