Trackdays are a great opportunity for riders to come together, hone their skills, and show off their bike to people who are actually interested. There are gatherings of all genres, from sportbikes to classics. There’s an event to fit every riding style. Since 2010, there’s even an all-women trackday. The event is called Femmewalla and it allows you to ride for a good cause.

For 8 years now, female riders have had a place to let their inner track demon out at the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, in California. Located in the middle of the desert, near Palm Springs, the raceway was built in 2010, the same year a handful of women took to the track for what would become the very first (and impromptu) edition of Femmewalla lead by Aimee Grana. At this year’s event, close to a hundred women took to the track.

Along with the idea of creating an all-female event, it was decided that women would not only get to ride among themselves but also ride for a good cause. In fact, since its early days, the event has been collecting donations for The Unforgettables charity, an organism that helps grieving families afford a funeral for their child. Since 2010, Femmewalla has collected $55,000 for the charity.

The event is accessible to any level of rider, whether you’ve set foot on a track before or not. It isn’t even required to have actual road riding experience to enter the beginner’s category. Female guests from the motorcycle and racing industries pop in to interact with the crowd and OEMs as well as racing schools offer demo rides to the participants. A massive raffle allows visitors to win some highly desirable prices that include gear, tools, advanced riding lessons, etc.

A few accommodation options are available ranging for a hotel room at the nearest town (40 minutes away) to some camping or RV-ing near the speedway. Gentlemen are welcome to join in, but will have to stick to the pits or stay on the sidelines: only the ladies are allowed on the track for the day.

The 2018 event took place on December 7. No date has been confirmed yet for the 2019 edition of Femmewalla, but riders interested in contributing to a good cause while going through their paces on the track should stay tuned for an official date.

Source: Femmewalla

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