"I just want equal rights."

Earlier this year, the province of Alberta in Canada became the third province to pass a law exempting the Sikh community from wearing motorcycle helmets—north of the border, helmets are mandatory on a motorcycle. One Albertan, however, strongly believes the exemption is discriminatory and that if Sikhs don’t have to wear a helmet, neither should he.

Troy Fandrick from Medicine Hat, Alberta, believes that the exemption granted earlier this year is discriminatory. As a non Sikh, he his forced by law to wear a helmet and his claim is that if a small percentage of the population is allowed to ride al fresco, without a helmet, everyone else should be allowed as well.

Fandrick explains that his issue doesn’t lie in the fact that Sikhs have been granted the exemption: his main complaint is “why them and not me” (pretty much). He points a finger at Transport Canada (the Canadian NHTSA) for imposing a rule that doesn’t apply to everyone and that in this case, he is being denied equal rights.

“The sole distinction in the law is racial and ethnic in nature. There’s no additional qualification,” Fandrick told Medicine Hat News.

Part of me, as a Canadian, could possibly understand his side of the story, and while I would never ride without a helmet, I could even empathize with his plea… had he not been a recidivist. See, the guy as already been pulled over—and fined— three times because he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

He claims his decision to challenge the Alberta government over the exemption, which by-the-by he is trying to fund via a GoFundMe page, isn’t a fight just for him; it’s in fact a fight for all riders, heck, for all citizens. Calm down, Captain Canada. Considering his background as a non-helmet-wearing thug, it’s hard to believe there isn’t some self-serving motivation at play and just like that, the middle-aged white man crying “discrimination” has lost some credit.

Fandrick needs to gather the pretty little sum of CA$10,000 (roughly US$7,500) to be able to enroll the services of the Vancouver lawyer interested in his cause.

Sources: Medicine Hat News, Adventure Rider

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