After tweaking and improving Moto Guzzi motorcycles for nearly 20 years, Todd Eagan's latest venture, GT MotoCycles, takes what he knows about souping up Moto Guzzi engines and wraps it in a custom premium motorcycle. GT MotoCycles' first model, the aptly named GTM-01, shows us what we can expect from this custom builder.

The GTM-01 is based on Moto Guzzi's Tonti frame, made famous by the V7. The classic frame is updated with both strengthening and weight reduction, then gets a single-sided swingarm CARC monoshock. A highly modified 1,380cc Moto Guzzi transverse V-twin engine with custom cams and a racing clutch goes into the frame, topped off with a custom GTM "X-Fire" exhaust system. It has Marzocchi Works 50 millimeter mono-nitride forks in front and a Matris R Black Series fully adjustable shock in back, with Marchesini forged aluminum wheels. Brembo brakes bring the GRM-01 to a safe stop. It also features a KC Gravity Pro LED headlight plus a tail light and turn signal array integrated into the back of the frame.

The end result is a bike with over 140 horsepower and 115 pound-feet of torque that weighs just 396 pounds, will cover the quarter mile in 10.62 seconds, and will top out at 155 miles per hour.

In keeping with the theme of its fusion of old and new, the GTM-01 has no ABS or traction control, leaving such matters solely in the hands of the rider. That's not what one usually expects from a $45,000 motorcycle, but the GTM-01 is designed to be ridden, not just a showpiece, though it qualifies as that as well. If this isn't enough for you, though, you can get a supercharged version for $65,000.

Gallery: GT MotoCycles GTM-01

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