If you don’t know about Toby Price, watch this documentary. If you do know about Toby Price, watch this documentary. From the first minute to the last, this 40-minute glimpse into the life and career of the Australian motocross miracle will have you on the edge of your seat. It may also have you reaching for a tissue.

Toby Price seems to have been born with guts. The third of three children, it didn’t take him long to commandeer his brother’s bike, and on the strength of his own passion turn motocross riding into a successful career. “If you enjoy what you do and you’re having fun with it,” he explains, “you’ll always love doing it.”

Price’s relaxed attitude shows in the way he rides. Always at top speed, Price seems to float along the track. “He makes riding look too easy,” describes KTM’s Ben Grabham, “it’s kind of like the bumps disappear…” In fact, every person who describes Price seems equally mesmerized by his talents.

However, what also makes Price a particularly interesting subject is that he has overcome many tragedies along the way, tragedies that may have derailed others but instead seem to have strengthened his resolve to be the best.

After winning every possible championship in his own country, Price headed overseas where he was very quickly invited to join the KTM Enduro team by his very own hero, Kurt Caselli. This is when the Dakar adventure began (which is it’s own amazing thing), but it is in no way when life got any easier.

This documentary is truly unbelievable. Watch it and you’ll see why it’s so difficult to stifle the urge to spill it all out. In amoungst spectacular footage is meaningful commentary that explores both sides of this world-class racer’s career. This editing team has done a masterful job of combining old and new, sweeping landscapes and intimate portraits with the right amount of narration, music or silence. The only problem with it is that it ends.

Toby Price says it best: "I like to explore the world as fast as possible, I guess."

Watch for him in the 2019 Dakar.  He'll be there.

Sources: YouTube

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