Every Friday, we introduce you to awesome riders we found on YouTube who share with us their unique outlook on the world of two wheels and, lucky for us, make videos out of it.

This week, we’re looking at the work of a newcomer to the art of motorcycle vlogging. Meghan Stark doesn’t have a brand she’s trying to promote: she started posting videos four months ago and all she has to show for are simple, candid, no b/s videos she’s making for what looks to be just the fun of it. Her very first video is a rather bold move: reviewing a motorcycle helmet right off the bat. What’s interesting though is that because this isn’t a case of OEM-sent gear some reviewers feel they have to butter up, she openly speaks about the lid she bought for herself—and uses in her other videos.

She owns a modified Ducati Scramblerturned café racer which she introduces in one of her videos with the clip ons, pillion cover, new saddle, side plates, and gas tank side covers, some of the modifications she’s done herself. She discusses the work that’s been done to her bike until now and how she plans to add to her customized Ducati, in case current owners are looking for inspiration. This Milwaukee girl also shares her experience of Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary celebrations and all the craziness that ensued in her hometown back in August.

The level of production isn’t as good as other Rocking Rider’s we’ve met until now, but somehow, she draws me in and makes me want to watch more. Her explanations of the mods or of the features of the gear she reviews are easy to understand and well presented and that makes her homemade-feel videos easy to watch and to get dragged into. You should give show our girl Meghan some love and give her channel a like to encourage her to do more videos and maybe show us more of that sweet café racer-turned Scrambler.


Source: Meghan Stark

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