We now know that scooters have feelings

Have you ever fallen in love with a motorcycle or a scooter? Doesn’t it feel like it loves you back? You’re not wrong! To think that your family believes you crazy for loving an inanimate object so much. They know nothing. As exposed by this very serious Italian documentary, scooters have feelings too!

The scooter’s first love is its rider, however, eventually, the call of the urban jungle resonates. That’s when your scooter feels the need succumb to its instincts and be on the lookout for a potential mate with whom to start a family—where do you think scooters come from anyway?

How do you recognize that your scooter is in love?

Well, very much like a human being, a scooter becomes forgetful and distracted when it falls in love. It will more easily veer off the designated route, which means you have to pay extra attention to the road. If you know your scooter well enough, you will learn to recognize the patterns.

What can you do?

It’s nature, so you can either ignore the situation which could lead to feelings of distance between your scooter and you, or you can allow nature to follow its course and help a buddy out in their courtship.

The female scooter is normally attracted to the male with the biggest tires, considered a symbol of vigor. Certain females, however, will opt for a more thoughtful and sensitive mate. A show of strength will help determine the potential mate’s preferences. Be aware that the female scooter is a shy and elusive creature and that more than one attempt might be required.

The Secret Love Life of the Scooters Exposed
The Secret Love Life of the Scooters Exposed

The urban scooter also enjoys gallons of oil under the moonlight and dinners of bolts and cables as a ritual of seduction, in which case the rider’s contribution is required. An informed owner will make sure the parts are small and easy to digest as scooters do not chew. There have been tragic reports of choking.

If all else fails, saving the potential mate from a life-threatening situation will usually help cement the relationship. This is also an occasion for the rider to make new acquaintances and possibly even meet a mate of his own—as was the case in the video proof above.

The seduction and mating ritual will vary slightly depending on the scooter’s brand, though researchers have noted an important number of similarities between the models. They have also highlighted that certain scooters will prefer celibacy and choose to remain loyal to their riders, a result of years of domestication. The important thing to keep in mind is that your scooter could eventually fall in love. You should ideally allow it to follow its instinct to ensure the survival of the species.


Source: Encyclopedia of Nonsense

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