Police Officer gets his baton (and walkie) handed to him in a street scuffle

I don’t condone violence but there’s something about this altercation between an officer and a gentleman that feels comical. Not that either of them was laughing, but the apparent role reversal and cringe-worthy sounds of a bike being scraped across the pavement definitely enhance the story.

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I’m guessing it didn’t go like this: Officer: “Excuse me sir, that’s a great looking Honda. Could I try it out, say at this next intersection?” And then, after they’d both come to a stop, “I’ll just stack mine on top while we get to know each other a bit better, you know, to save space here on the road.”

It’s more likely that the perp was having too good a time blasting around on his rockin’ ride, perhaps demonstrating his street-stunt skills, but who really knows? No, I mean it. Do you? Limited but diligent research just turned up a lot more videos of other incidents, not quite as quaint.

So, let’s start at the beginning with a few basic questions. What was happening before the bikes crashed into each other? Where in the world do officers ride... ummm, well, what is that, anyway? Definitely not an awkward, crushingly-heavy cruiser!

Best of all is the fight itself. Somewhere is a country where police don’t shoot dudes who fight back, but instead just take them on mano-a-batono. It’s also a mythical place where civilians step in and help pull them apart more than once, after letting them blow off some steam, without getting hurt themselves.

Seriously, as far as fights go, this one is pretty civilized.

The same cannot be said of captain America below who used rather unsafe methods to coax this apparently errant rider off the road, which he unfortunately did in front of hundreds of fellow motorcyclists. Nothing quite like almost killing someone to remind them who’s boss.

I know where I’d rather ride.

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