This rather dramatic clip of a man reaching in and trying to grab a bag out of car in traffic, was posted to Youtube by the rider who helped thwart the attempted robbery. The BMW GS rider and Youtuber, Anton Damhuis filmed this on his evening ride home in Alexandria, South Africa.

The would be thief reaches in the open window of a car and makes a snatch at a laptop bag. Damhuis, sees it from a few feet away on his bike, and rides over, pinning the man to the side of the car. We hear a lot of revs and yells, as the helmet mounted camera wildly moves around.

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As the rider spins around, we see the bag on the floor and the thief nowhere to be found. The driver gets out of his car as a passerby picks up and hands him the bag. Damhuis asks the driver repeatedly if he's okay, but the driver, clearly stunned by the ordeal doesn't say much.

A commenter on the video, identifying themselves as the driver, Phillip Coetser, offers a sincere thank you and a few more details on what happened: "My friend, I was the man in the car and I want to really thank you for intervening. Sorry I did not thank you yesterday, but I was in a bit of a shock. I eventually ran over him with the car (and unfortunately my laptop). Pity you did not see that 'cause I think you would have enjoyed it. And the dent in the car is a minor price to pay for my safety and protection. May the God that created heaven and earth bless you abundantly in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ!"

Several other commenters chimed in with responses chiding the driver for not being more courteous to the rider at the scene and the response he had to having a laptop stolen. With one commenter writing "Gotta love religious folk. 'So I ran over this person with my car because he tried to take my laptop, god bless!'"

While many others had nothing but good things to say about the rider and his act of courage. "Give this man a free service at BMW" was one comment we can definitely get behind.

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