There are all kinds of obstacles out there that we, as riders, need to constantly watch out for—distracted drivers, animals, road debris, and... flying SUVs? One poor rider found out about that last one the hard way back in February 2018 after a chain-reaction car crash on a San Diego, California-area freeway sent an SUV flying right into his path.

According to the Daily Mail, the unnamed rider was cruising southbound on Interstate 15 on his way to work when the crash happened.

"I was coming up on a section of the highway that was notorious for wrecks and was looking out, but an SUV driven by a dude not paying attention swerved into the HOV to avoid another collision," they told the Daily Mail.

Apparently the SUV at question swerved to evade another crash, hit a Toyota Avalon, flipped over, then sailed into the carpool lane right in front of this unlucky rider.

"He then slid across all lanes and struck me on my right side causing me to go airborne,' the rider said. "The wreck caused multiple injuries to myself including two fractured vertebrae, a severely sprained ankle, and messed up shoulder."

The video, which was caught by the rider's helmet cam, is a pretty harrowing watch. Our friend is just tooling along on his Yamaha, minding their own business, when the crash plays out in front of them like something out of Final Destination. They can't get out of the way in time and just like that they get smashed by the SUV. You see the bike hit the ground in a shower of sparks and then the scene rolls as our friend hits the ground and slides into a Jersey barrier. At the end of the video, a good Samaritan rushes over to see if our unlucky hero is okay, then the video cuts out.

Thankfully, the rider didn't suffer any life-threatening injuries but he was reportedly in a back brace for five months. There's no word on any other reported injuries or criminal charges connected with the crash.

Source: The Daily Mail

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