YouTube is a treasure trove of pretty amazing stuff. We're lucky to live in a time when riders from all over the world have the tools and the platform to share their adventures. At RideApart, we love to hear those stories and we thought we would share them with you so you too can discover someone new and really awesome.

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Have you tried researching “Female Rider” on YouTube lately? Without getting into a whole feminist spiel, most of what you find out there has to do with the rider being sexy. I was pretty excited to find RiderGirl Vishakha then, the self-proclaimed first Indian female motorcycle vlogger.

India is a booming market for everything two-wheels, in case all the new market targeted-models aren’t a clear enough indication of just how important the country has become to OEMs. With the evolving Indian motorcycle culture comes a wave of enthusiasts ready to share their vision of riding with the world. Vishakha is one of them.

She writes on her profile that she rides “to break all stereotypes”, not an easy mission to undertake. What I found interesting with her videos are the stories she tells. From a technical standpoint, her videos aren’t revolutionary and even a little long for their own good. However, we get a very unique insight into what the life of a female Indian rider is like.

She takes the viewers through all her travels on and off her KTM 390 Duke and documents everything from her rides to the different adventures her bike allows her to experience. She alternates between her native tongue (which I won’t venture to try and guess because I’d most likely be wrong) and English which allows us to follow along most of the discussions. She’s even part of an all-gal riding squad! I was charmed by how genuine she is and by her candor. She is a promising vlogger and great advocate for female riders in India. If you’re a little curious to see how life is like on the other side of the world, you should definitely check RiderGirl Vishakha out. 

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