One rider is dead and two are in an Ohio jail after running from cops during a simple traffic stop

According to the Journal-News, an officer from the Hamilton, Ohio, police department was out on patrol when he spotted a pack of bikers acting up around 8:20 p.m. on September 4, 2018. Sergeant Brian Robinson of the Hamilton Police Department told the Journal-News that the officer stopped the bikers—who the officer suspected of being one-percenters thanks to the club colors they were wearing—after witnessing all of them commit various traffic violations.

During the stop, three of the bikers fled the scene. The HPD officer decided not to chase them, but called in their description to dispatch and to fellow patrol officers. A few minutes later, another HPD officer witnessed one of the three fleeing bikers hit an embankment at high speed, apparently believing he was being chased. Officers responded immediately but, despite administering emergency lifesaving measures, the biker died at the scene before paramedics could arrive.

Ohio Biker Suspects

The other two bikers—Kyle Ramey of Harrison, Ohio, and Anastasio Camacho of Versailles, Indiana—stopped at the scene of the crash, but one fled on foot. He was apprehended after a short chase. Both bikers were arrested and charged with obstruction of business and failure to comply. HPD has not released the name of the biker who crashed into the embankment.

Fleeing from the cops is rarely, if ever, worth it. Even if you think you can outrun them you usually can't, and even the fastest bikes can't outrun a radio or a helicopter. Then there's always the risk of crashing, like the unfortunate biker in this story. Despite all the speed and agility, running from cops on a bike hardly ever works as planned.

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