Dear readers,

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, the you’ve been familiar with for so long—definitely too long—has finally gotten an overhaul.

It’s not only the visuals you see here, but our backend, what we refer to as a CMS (Content Management System), the space where we coordinate this whole editorial operation from, has stepped into the 21st century. We loved/hated our old Wordpress based CMS, but there were plenty of limitations there. The new platform, which is also shared with our sister sites and, is a powerful bit of kit that will allow us to create content that is more dynamic and engaging than ever before (that’s fancy-pants speak for more photos, galleries, videos, and easier to read articles!) Oh, and the site will be faster too.

But please be patient with us. There’s definitely going to be teething pains, and plenty that we as an editorial team also need to learn and get used to. Our development team is fantastic, but they sure have their work cut out for them working with us bikers.

For now, click through the site, explore. If you spot stuff that’s obviously an issue, leave a comment on this article. I’ll personally be checking here and working to troubleshoot issues as quickly as we can.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new and we look forward to creating content you like, and maybe even love. Thank you for being apart of this family.

Keep that right hand cranked and the shiny side up.

Very best regards,

Kanishka for Team RideApart

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