It's no secret that we're fans of Thor Drake and See See. We featured the SR 500 he built and I shot his shop the last time I was in Portland. See See is also responsible for The One Motorcycle Show and a good deal of drunken burnouts, party photos and general hooliganism. If you're within a few hours of the dream of the 90's, you should make your best effort to attend See See's grand opening party on the tenth of this month.

You might get the impression I'm trying to do him a favor because he let me tool around on his CB550 for a few days, but the bike leaked gas faster than it burned it and had a busted battery terminal that left me with wondering just how easy it is to ignite gas fumes with a spark. I ended up redoing the fuel lines and riding the hell out of the bike, but not before it drenched my jeans in gas and left me stranded outside Casa Diablo. Still, it was damn nice of him to give a questionable stranger the keys to a motorcycle and send him on his way.

See See has been wrenching and building bikes for a while, just not in a very public way. No showroom, signage or really anything on the outside to let you know that there's a motorcycle shop hiding in that warehouse. Now that they're done building the shop, it's opening up to the public on June 10th and if their last party is any indication, "cold beverages" is actually code for several cases of cheap beer.

See See Motorcycles

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