Earlier this summer, I rode out of London on the Yamaha Super Ténéré, down through France, into Spain and to a historic little town in the province of León called La Bañeza. It's far enough away from the Major cities to still be old Spain, the pace is slower, all food is authentic and the town loves motorbikes. So much so that they have there own mini Isle of Man TT every year, this annual street race is beyond crazy, very unique and could only happen in Spain, so when I saw they were also holding a round of the Motocross World Championship, I just had to make the trip down to sample the towns atmosphere.

The three day ride down was absolutely amazing, I rode some amazing roads, slept in some bizarre places and I was ecstatic to finally see the La Bañeza name on the road sign, finding the Motocross track was too easy, it was on the hillside next to the town. If I said the MX track was close to the town it would be an exaggeration, they were touching, from certain angles it looked like bikes were jumping buildings.


On race day it was a scorcher and over 16,000 fans turned up to watch the world's best MX1 and MX2 racers fight to the bitter end as they raced on the rev limiter lap after lap, while the crowd made their own racket as they celebrated the pros being in town.


Here are a couple of short videos from the event — one showing the superb racing and another showing the fans and those whole create the atmosphere of La Bañeza. Wow, those pro guys make it look so easy, the way they jump and whip just astonishes me. Plus, I love the passionate Spanish fans as the make you feel more than welcome and just love motorcycle racing — it was a perfect motorcycling weekend.

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