This screen shot from the KTM North American dealer meeting lays out a promising future for KTM. Leaked way ahead of time, the lineup for the next three years is here for you to see.

The big news here is the 2013 Duke 350. For a long time I've wondered why there are no fun, lightweight sub-500cc bikes for sale and the KTM Duke 350 is the answer to that. Since this shot is from the North American dealer meeting, we know that the 350 Duke is coming to America. The 350 will likely use either a new motor or a significantly de-tuned version of KTM's existing 350.

Also big in 2013 is the Super Duke R 1290. That number at the end may mean a completely new motor or an even more hot-rod version of their current V-twin. Either one should be good for class-leading power. That motor will be likely be shared with a new GS-like Adventure R 1090, with the non-R model showing up in 2014. Lastly, it looks like they're going forward with production of two Freeride E models, an EXC and an SX, as well as a Freeride 350, which is something we haven't heard of before now.

2014 is still a long ways away, so model projections for this year should be taken with a grain of salt, but no matter what I do, I can't stop thinking about how cool a Moto3 350 would be. Would it be a 350cc single-cylinder sportsbike? A twin? How light would it be? Are they hoping that Moto3 goes to 350ccs? Am I freaking out over a typo? Most likely, they'll use the plop the Duke 350 motor is an upgraded chassis, add the usual race-replica parts like full fairings, clip-on bars, rear-set pegs and sell the bike to people that have been lusting after a Ducati Supermono. The future looks good for KTM.

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