The Erzberg Rodeo was something I'd only ever seen online, usually when searching for crazy crash videos or motorcycle madness so when I found out that the 2011 Red Bull Hare Scramble was on while I was in Europe on my 5 week Lucky Bastard's Motorcycle Tour, I just had to go and see what all the craziness was really about.

It was a tough ride just getting to the event and I had to ride from Spain (1,800 miles) and the last 12 hours was all in the pouring rain as I crossed from the sun in Italy to the cold and wet of Austria.

Finally in Eisernerz the mountain or mine could easily be seen from the second you roll into town and once on the mine you can hardly believe that they race motorbikes there as it looks almost impossible to ride up those almost sheer hillsides.

On the Friday evening its Street Parade time, anyone in the race plus all your crew and anyone else who can get wheels takes part, approx 3,000 riders all ride off the mine and into the Eisernerz village where everyone tried their best to have fun and make lots of noise, afterwards the major bought the riders a beer!

The timed prologue is a race to the top of the mine where riders start a minute apart and give it as much beans as possible, ripping through water sections, rocks, tight bends and flat-out sections as they make their way to the summit, the fastest 500 make Sunday's Hare Scramble race.

As it wouldn't stop raining over the course of the event, Sunday's race was held in very difficult and soaking conditions making the almost impossible course even more difficult. 500 talented riders started, 9 finished... yes, that difficult! and during the race I saw bikes flipping, tons of crashes, grown men giving up, crying and shouting for help, it was immense.

Anyway, I tried to be in the thick of the action and as much as possible and capture the action, hope you enjoy the video!

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